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‘Karma Swords’ Single Launch

27 Sep 2012 | Categories: Casey Dean (Solo)

Melbourne frontman Casey Dean’s powerful voice and unique stage presence has helped his rock outfit Engine Three Seven go from a scruffy bunch of festival openers to the massive headline act they are today.

Casey’s strong folk influence and distinct songcraft can be felt throughout E37 performances, as his stories morph from acoustic delights into thrashing power ballads.

Casey has spent the last 12 years writing a selection of articulate ballads under his own name.

Writing, performing, recording, producing and mixing his own record from start to finish has been a dream of Casey’s that is now about to become a reality.

His first single “Karma Swords” from his debut album “Circus Dreaming” will be released at The Prague October 5th along with solo performances from the one and only Ezekiel Ox, fellow E37 member Aryn Appleberry and New Skinn’s Chris Miller.

Come to the Prague October 5th to be one of the first to hear the upcoming record in an intimate performance from one of melbourne’s premier rock frontmen.

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